Welcome to the Pyramid of Antenatal Change.

We have created this foundation to honor the lives of our Daughters Amalia and Holly Devine.


Our focus is the prevention of stillbirths by informing & empowering parents.

Parents should have all possible data about the latest advancements available to help before, during, and after pregnancy. 

We believe that antenatal care should include a minimal screening of three ultrasound scans during pregnancy, this will eventually lead to a better understanding of the causes of stillbirth, with umbilical cord accidents (UCA) being one easily avoidable to reducing stillbirth & neurological damage.






Advocates research into Childhood Cancer and Treatments around the world. Our focus is on Central Nervous System Gliomas like the lethal Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). 

POCA 2024



Lucas Jemeljanova was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called DIPG aged six. He is the only child whose tumor completely disappeared in the clinical trial.







POAC 2022

Annual Grant Donation was awarded to Dr. Lior Mayo's cancer research laboratory in Tel Aviv.


A groundbreaking study at Tel Aviv University effectively eradicated glioblastoma, a highly lethal type of brain cancer. The study was led by Ph.D. student Rita Perelroizen, under the supervision of Dr. Lior Mayo




Welcomes New Patron

Dr. David Hutchon a retired NHS Obstetrics & Gynaecologist Consultant in Darlington, is an advocate of DELAYED CORD CLAMPING.  


EARLY CORD CLAMPING must be avoided in all births, even when resuscitation is necessary.” Recent studies suggest that delayed cord clamping (DCC) is advantageous for achieving hemodynamic stability and improving oxygenation compared to immediate cord clamping (ICC) during fetal-to-neonatal transition.


His research inspired him to Design & Engineer a Specialized LifeSTart Trolley, which was first presented at the London Congress of RCOG in 2008.  





Currently, David is undertaking a Master of Public Health in medical engineering to develop a hands-free Doppler ultrasound.  

“During pregnancy, ultrasound Doppler is used to determine the heart rate of the fetus (unborn baby). This has been established practice throughout the world for over 40 years. It is accurate and audible, which means that anyone in the room can immediately hear if there is a problem with the fetal heart rate. After birth, the heart rate of the newborn baby is traditionally detected using a stethoscope over the baby’s chest. This is an inferior technique in that it is only heard by one person.”


 POAC April 2021- Grant Donation


Children with Special Needs

We are pleased to inform you that this year’s Grant goes to Therapie Park Dusseldorf Germany

For further Info click   https://www.therapiepark.de/




How to manage Vasa Praevia & prevent Umbilical Cord Accidents (UCA)



2018 NHS Obstetrics / Midwife litigation

Why did my baby have to die?

' Scots’ teen mum gives birth to stillborn after midwives prescribed paracetamol to ease her stomach pains. 'Claudia Cierpial, 18, had a scan at 20 weeks showing her baby girl was healthy, but began to suffer painful stomach aches six weeks later.




You can sign Claudia’s petition Reduce stillbirth by introducing more frequent ultrasounds past 20 weeks


https://www.change.org/p/nicola-sturgeon-reduce-stillbirth-by-introducing-more-frequent-ultrasounds-past-20-weeks utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=custom_url&recruited_by_id=2e756d00-d151-0130-8928-3c764e04a19b


UK doctors finally open up!

Umbilical Cord Accidents (UCA)


UK Drs (Obstetricians/OBYG) advise UK actress Jennifer Metcalfe, Holyoak's actress,  about the dangers of UCA during pregnancy, leading to stillbirth or brain damage, silently affecting thousands of families worldwide.  

After years of hiding and ignoring information, NHS doctors finally advise, unfortunately to just a few lucky ladies, about the risks of stillbirth and brain damage due to Umbilical Cord Accidents: Cord Entanglement, Nuchal Cord (around babies' neck), true knots,  cord insertion, etc.

Jennifer Metcalfe Hollyoaks actress reveals it live on UK TV.

For the past 10 years, we at POAC have advocated that all pregnancies should be screened for cord complications. We have presented a powerful report at the London Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Yet, to date both the RCOG & RCM in the UK are still denying and avoiding screening for umbilical cord accidents. An injustice to Parents and Babies to whom both colleges serve. Urgent Public Inquiry Needed  


A must watch! 



POAC is honoured to welcome

Prof. Mauro Tognon 

Head of the Experimental Biology Laboratories, Department of Morphology, Surgery and Experimental Medicine. Prof. Tognon is a member of the European Academy of Tumour Immunology and is based at the University of Ferrara Ferrara Italy. Research - Specific Antibodies Reacting with SV40 LargeT Antigen Mimotopes in Serum Samples of Healthy Subjects. Why are Doctors not going after the root cause of cancer "and it’s a tragedy"

Prof. Tognon's research Infectious Agents and Cancer
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Project Alive & Kicking USA

Fund Raising

POAC, would like to thank Mr Steven Holmes for his kind donation of 250Uk pounds from his latest cycle run along the banks of the river Rhine Germany. “Well done”



Mark Humphries & Ann Humphries support POAC

Increasing the availability of new cancer therapies. Alternative treatments in the field of immunotherapy have been available to patients in other countries for some years but are generally unavailable to patients in the UK.


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Stillbirth prevention

Reduced Fetal Movements (RFM) Guidelines UK - RCOG

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POAC - E-Brochure on Umbilical Cord Accidents Prevention 2012


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New RCOG guidance urges CCGs to increase births without epidurals and reduce caesarean rates to 20%
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Scottish Confidential Audit of Severe Maternal Morbidity.
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Monica Health Care Products UK.

Monica world leading in maternal and fetal monitoring systems have offered their full support to POAC. At Monica our aims and values are closely aligned to POAC and through the advancement of technology and education of the clinicians and carers involved we aim to reduce stillbirths, unnecessary interventions and improve outcomes for mothers, children and families as a whole. We wish POAC every success in their endeavours. Further information on Fetal monitoring see articles. For further information visit www.monicahealthcare.com  


Babies Induced @ 40wks would ‘improve the survival rate’


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Pauline Hull,

founder of elective caesarean & Fully supports POAC

Pauline says POAC deserves recognition for its commitment to exploring new research and helping prevent the loss of precious lives. Technology is often seen as a last resort in pregnancy and childbirth, and the tendency is to approach intervention as a last resort only. In fact, using technology during pregnancy could help many women to make a more informed choice about their birth plan, in consultation with a medical professional.

Visit www.electivecesarean.com 


Delivering better ways of preventing stillbirths

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POAC is an official charity with OSCR registration, click here for more INFO.